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ABPOPPM 2011 In-Training Examinations

The American Board of Podiatric Orthopedics and Primary Podiatric Medicine will offer its In-Training Examinations on May 22, 2011, and November 13, 2011. This examination will be given on-line and can be taken from any computer with Internet access. Applications are available to program directors and administrators on behalf of their residents through the Podiatry Residency Resource Web site www.podiatryrr.com.

The ABPOPPM In-Training Examination allows residents and program directors to better assess the competencies achieved during training as well as providing an educational tool in its own right.

The In-Training Examination is administered in a modular format. Five modules comprise the examination and include: Orthopedics, Medicine, Wound Care, Biomechanics, and Surgical Criteria. Collectively they address the subject matter specified in the current CPME 320 document as it pertains to the specialty of Podiatric Orthopedics and Primary Podiatric Medicine. The examination is administered on a voluntary basis as a self-assessment tool for all current residents and can be used at the residents' discretion as they prepare for the ABPOPPM Board Qualification Examination.

Each examination module consists of fifty questions. The modules will all be accessible on the specified examination dates but are administered independently of one another. Though most residents have elected to take all modules in one sitting, residents may take any module "when they are ready" and need not take all five modules on the same date (e.g., a PGY 1 resident in a PM&S-36 program who has completed an intensive internal medicine rotation may elect to take the Medicine module as a PGY 1 and defer the other modules until later training years). Details regarding examination costs are specified on the PRR Web Site.

Questions may contain radiographs, photographs, and other visual material needed for a clinically relevant assessment. The full examination entails completing all five modules. Residents performing poorly on any section(s) will be given the opportunity to remediate and re-test on a subsequent examination date.

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